Change is…Good?


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I had goals, I had expectations for life, and I had a plan. A really good plan by the way, and as long as everything went as planned then life would be perfect. Right?

change blog1

Oh how wrong I was.

Nobody told me that no matter how hard you try, how meticulous you are with the details, life can still snatch that perfectly laid plan and disrupt the whole thing.

Disruptions were not part of my plan.

When I graduated High School (just a few very short years ago…) I planned to go to college, after college I would get married, and after 2 years of marriage I would have a baby. Now, I wasn’t actually dating anyone at the time but that was not the point. This plan was good and if I followed it to the letter I would be a successful, happy adult.

Oh how good life is with a carefully laid plan. (Insert sigh of relief here)

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Then partway through my freshman year of college I ran into a guy I knew from High School. This was not just any guy, this was “the guy”.  The guy who had been one of my best friends, the guy who I had dated a bit and had the most fun with, the guy who I really liked, and most importantly the guy who could mess up any carefully laid plan.

Dang, there he was, there I was, and there was that kiss in the kitchen that sealed the deal. I was toast.

BUT, don’t get me wrong. I still had a plan and this would fit so perfectly into it. In just a few short years I would graduate college and this guy would be the perfect husband to that perfect plan. I just love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

If you are wondering where the punch line is- I won’t make you wait for long.

Every single plan I made changed, and I was not very happy about it. “The guy” was in the U.S.Navy and in case you aren’t aware, people in the service can be moved to locations far away from you, which by the way was not part of the plan.

Ok, so maybe I’d compromise a bit here. I mean who said you had to actually graduate college before you get married?  Lot’s of people get married and still graduate right?

wedding photo 2.jpg

So I tweaked my plan and dropped out of college right before my junior year. We moved 18 long hours from home (In my plan I had ALWAYS said I would NEVER move more than 2 hours from home). Please, if you learn nothing else from me, please never ever ever say those two words. Because the truth is- following those two words are these two: Challenge Accepted…. Lord help me, it’s true.

My husband knew of my goals and my determination was unmatched. Once settled, I began looking for colleges to transfer to. I found one close, but alas, it didn’t have the major that I loved and again my plans had to change.

(This time the photo is my own.  Look at those 2 kids. Bless their hearts…)

Did I mention that I hate change.

I really hate change.

I really really hate changes that I am forced to make.

I really really really hate changes that are out of my control. (I think you get the point)

Okay, so let’s look on the bright side, at least I can finish college… at least there’s that.

Then, a few months before our second anniversary I found out that I was pregnant. We were so excited. Plans were back on track, college was going well and life was good.

change blog 4.jpg

Why is it that curve balls get thrown when they are least expected? Just when you think you have it all together, bam, curve ball. Ug.

(Insert curve ball here…)

Sadly, we lost that precious baby on our second anniversary. (another blog for another time perhaps) Being in the hospital on our anniversary was definitely, not part of the plan. My heart was broken. My life seemed like one disappointment after the other.

Not being the type to give up easily though, we began to try again. I was determined to be a mother.  Months passed. No baby. I began to get depressed. Friends were becoming parents and here I was wondering what was wrong with me?  Then, on the very month our first baby was due, I became pregnant with our oldest son.

change blog 6

A friend once told me that although she had also had a very painful miscarriage, she realized that if it hadn’t happened, she would not have her daughter. My story is the same. Had I not had that miscarriage I would not have my son and I cannot imagine my life without him in it. Don’t misunderstand me here, I would never want to lose a pregnancy, but I did realize that I could chose to focus on the blessing instead of the loss.

Life has certainly not gone as planned.

No matter how hard I tried or how stubborn I was, life just had a way of knocking me right off course.

Life is so hard.

change blog 7

As you have probably already guessed, I did not graduate college as planned either. It took me a lot longer than expected. I transferred universities a few times and got discouraged more than I want to admit. When I did finally graduate, I had a 3 year old son and was 8 months pregnant with his little brother. My husband often reminds me that for as long as I was in college I could be a doctor right now, and he could be retired. I often remind him that it is his fault we moved around so much. We are at a stalemate on this one.

The point is- I did end up graduating. My goals were not met the way I thought they should be. Not one thing I planned has turned out the way I expected or wanted it to, but to be honest, (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) I really think it has turned out better. My plans were good, but the challenges and changes that life has thrown at us, has made me appreciate the outcomes so much more than if I had just accomplished them in my own way.

Change makes us uncomfortable but it also makes us see and experience things that we wouldn’t otherwise. And although some change can be painful, I can see now how it has all made me who I am today.

change blog 8

Change is the salt in our lives, it spices things up and takes us places we never thought we’d go.

It makes us regroup, re-plan, and refocus.

I can’t believe I’m saying this either, and I may not admit it later, but I have grown to really welcome change. I still don’t like it most of the time, but the outcome is always better than my own plans ever could be.

Maybe God really does know what He’s doing, and maybe I really need to just trust Him more.

change blog 9.jpg

So, the question is, do I still make plans? The answer to this one is simple, I most certainly do. I dream big, plan big, and then I ride this old roller coaster of life. It twists and turns my plans right upside down.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, and sometimes I just get sick to my stomach.  My plans may change, I may accomplish my goals far differently than expected- but oh I do accomplish them.  And along the way, I learn, I grow, and yes- I too change.

Change is good.

Life is good.

Hang on dear friends, change is coming. My prayer for you is that you can look back on your life the way that I do and be glad for every single unexpected turn.

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Drowning in My Mess..

I may have gotten a bit behind on the house chores this week and in the spirit of making you feel better about your own crazy life I’ve decided to share mine.

This laundry may kill me. laundry

Now if you are one of those ladies that lives without dust bunnies and piles of laundry then bless your heart…
I on the other hand took one look at this tremendous pile of laundry and decided that just moving to a new house might be a better plan. I’m not even sure how it happened- a couple of nights of meetings and other events and it’s like I haven’t done anything in months.
And by the way- I really do think dust bunnies reproduce.
Listen, I’m going to make this short and sweet. We are in this together, we all fall behind, then catch up just to fall behind again. And let me assure you that no one will stop to visit during those rare times when you’re actually caught up. No way.
So, I’ve decided that all of that really doesn’t matter in the scheme of life. Dust will always be there, the dog will always pee on the kitchen floor right after you mop it, and someone will always stop by when it looks like a tornado has just made its way through the inside of your house. Those are just the rules of the game.
Buried in laundry and dirty dishes we might as well laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha.
messI did that today. I looked passed all the laundry baskets and saw some pretty cool things. My boys were laughing in the kitchen. There was warm soup in the crock pot, a good movie on TV, and here I was wrapped in a cozy blanket on the couch while my husband shared funny memes he was finding on the internet. We giggled and giggled. In spite of the mess, in spite of the chores that needed some attention, this is right where I want to be.
Even in the middle of my mess, there is joy.
I know that for some it’s hard to snuggle up on the couch with so many jobs left undone, and to be totally honest I used to be that way as well. But life has gone by so fast that I’ve learned that these moments are the ones I want to hang on to most. All the rest will fall into place. I’ll get caught up and usually I stay caught up. Other times I drown in piles of laundry.
As a side note I also have a solution to my laundry problem. In our house when things get “piled up” we have what we call “fun family folds”. The boys do not find these family events fun in any way but at this point they don’t argue either. (teenagers like to have clean underwear and if you don’t help when mom asks…) So together we will fold this laundry, they will accuse me of putting the wrong clothes in the wrong pile, and no one will want to fold my underwear (except my husband who will make embarrassing comments that the boys will grumble and then laugh about.) But it will get done. laugh
And tomorrow will come, hopefully with more laughter and less laundry but either way I’m thankful for it all.
And like I said- if you can’t relate to my chaos, bless your heart.


Is Love Lost?



How sad it is when the world has lost it’s ability to love.heart-1463424_640

Looking at social media these days, I think we can all agree that people are far from loving.  (Understatement of the century.)   There are so many opinions out there these days that are less opinions and more targeted attacks on anyone that may see things differently. I find this incredibly sad. It used to be that we could have a point of view that differs from someone else and still treat each other with respect and love.

Not today.

Today if my opinion differs from yours then there must be something wrong with me.

Listen, I fully realize that many of us have strong feelings about various topics and I personally think that’s awesome. The world would be an incredibly boring place if we all thought and felt the same things.

I love the diversity.

I hate the nastiness.

stones-3364324_640When my opinion or belief suddenly allows me permission to physically or emotionally abuse another person, then we have a problem that far surpasses the topic at hand. This week alone I have read numerous articles from some incredibly gifted and scholarly people who openly give allowances to uncalled-for behavior simply because others don’t agree with them.

Honestly, I don’t think it matters what side you are on. I think it matters more, who you are on the inside. Who are you when no one is looking? Who are you when everyone is looking? What matters more is the person that you are when you are faced with opposing views. Who are you then?

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying you have to bend to someone else’s opinion. I’m certainly not going to. I’m going to stand on my own beliefs and views even if you don’t agree with them. What I’m not going to do is call you names, start cruel and unkind dialogue on social media, and beat you down for being of a different mind than me.

desktop-3303831_640Believe it or not, we can totally disagree about anything and everything, and I can still get the door for you, I can still have a cup of coffee with you, and I can still be kind to you.  In fact, I may not get my way in certain situations, we can have a heated discussion that is open and honest and fueled by our own differing viewpoints and I can still show you respect and love. You see, your opinions, beliefs, and actions should never be an excuse for me to be cruel.

So many people are fighting for change in society but true change starts in the hearts of the individual. What kind of change do we really want?  Acceptance?  We will never have any kind of acceptance through browbeating and harsh judgement. We will never have a society that works well together if we are constantly passing blame on the other side.

Listen, I know that no one wants to back down, but my question is this; Who said you have to?

Forgive me for repeating myself here- but like I said before, I’m not going to. And that does not, in any situation, give you permission to be cruel to me or my family. It does however give you complete permission to disagree, discuss, and move forward.

I’m beyond exhausted with our ability to lie, cheat, and steal to get what we want and to openly try and persuade others that this is okay because I believe my side to be so completely right that I should get my way anyway that I can.

If I am so right, I don’t need to do those things.


germ-1525665_640Today, I’m asking that before you speak, you check your heart. You ask yourself the same questions we tell kids to ask themselves- Is it kind, Is it true, and is it necessary?  Will it lift people up and change society for the better or are you speaking out of anger and aggression? Are you building up or tearing down?

Maybe this post will not change anyone but me, and maybe that’s ok. True change starts with each individual cleaning out their own hearts and lives. It’s when people start pointing inward instead of outward that we see real growth. Until we take an honest look inside ourselves and start truly loving others no real change will ever happen. I’ve never changed anyone by brute force, nor have I ever been personally changed by it either. I have however been changed drastically when someone has treated me with kindness I didn’t deserve. And when I am honest with myself, there is a lot inside of me to be changed.

Real change starts right here, right now, and in the right place- our own heart.

1st Corinthians 13
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…


Is the Church Relevant?

Post by Ryan Schrader

Up until the 1960’s it wasn’t uncommon to still see public schools using Bible verses as part of the school curriculum. The 10 commandments were posted in most public buildings and church was a place that not only met the needs of the individual, but the community as well.


My how things have just changed.

Nearly everywhere in society today, the church has been pushed out and the government has stepped in. Secular programs have been designed so that people no longer have any “Church Guilt” tied to them. (Photo Via Pixabay)

This rapid change in culture has caused many churches to go down one of two paths:

On path one, churches have begun to change what they believe in order to better reflect what they think the culture wants. They’ve begun to water down the gospel, and sermons preached are to tickle the ears but often don’t cause real conviction or change.

On Path two, we see many churches out of fear of these culture changes begin trying to protect what they have. They isolate themselves, dig their heals in, and start drawing lines in the sand.


There is a problem with both of these paths.

We see in Matthew 28:16-20 that Jesus has given us the great commission. He has told us to go out into the world and to make disciples of all nations. Isn’t this what it’s all about?  Going out into the world and giving hope, help and ultimately changing people’s lives for the better?

If we look back to scripture again we see Matthew 22:36-40. Here Jesus explains that the most important commandment in the law is to LOVE. In fact, he says that we are to love the Lord with all our hearts AND to love our neighbors as ourselves. (Photo Via Pixabay)  

I genuinely believe that in order for us to stay relevant in our communities and continue to have a positive influence over this next generation, we can’t change what we believe and we certainly can’t isolate ourselves either.

It’s time we flip the script.

It’s not love when we only see people through their sin. Every time the church draws a line in the sand, we are effectively telling a group of people that we have either given up on them or have decided that they’re an acceptable loss.

If we truly believe that we have what the world needs, then how can we justify closing those doors to anyone?


There is something incredibly wrong when people in our community hit rock bottom, and come to the conclusion that they have nowhere to turn because the church has made it clear that it does not approve of how they are living their life. Instead of feeling hope, they feel the pressure of judgment. (Photo Via Pixabay)

The truth is – none of us are equipped to change someone’s heart. We just don’t have the right tools. The only tools I have available to me are guilt, disapproval and condemnation.

We forget that when we were struggling with that same sin it was God who convicted us out of LOVE and in turn, that is what changed our hearts so that we could have victory. As a church, we have to stop portraying ourselves in a way that makes people feel like the sin in their lives somehow disqualifies them from having the peace and hope that Jesus offers.

We have to scream from the rooftops that there is no guilt, disapproval or condemnation inside these walls. Instead, we need to offer healing, encouragement, hope and fellowship. It is our job to disciple our brothers and sisters, not to discipline them. It’s our job to tell them about this man named Jesus who lovingly died on a cross for them. If we will do this, God will take care of the sin in their lives and He will do it in a way that creates lasting changes without the association of guilt or condemnation.


If we want to be relevant as a Church then we have to make sure our community knows that our doors are always open and no matter what they will find love and compassion here.

We need to show people our hearts, let them know that we have been where they are and that they too can overcome anything the world throws at them. Revelation 12:11 says, “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” Jesus offers life to those who need it and He is telling us to let down our walls and let people in. How about instead of telling people how to live, we tell them what we have overcome. Our testimony brings healing- our rules do not. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Let’s open the doors and tear down our walls. Let’s let the gospel be the gospel and our lives tell a tale of hope. Let’s quit hiding from a changing culture and instead introduce that culture to a man named Jesus who loves them with all His heart. If we do this, we won’t have to worry about being relevant.

Time to refocus?

Guest Post by Jenna VanLoon


Sitting here, thinking (probably) way too deeply about a patch of grass.

Right in front of me, something sat in one place for too long. A tarp. It caused stagnant grass. It caused death. I didn’t even know this was happening, until I moved the tarp. It didn’t take long. In fact, given the “right” conditions, it only took 1 day to do the damage.

Now, the funny thing about that patch is that if choose to look outside of it, I will see something very different. I see a lot to be thankful for. Coincidentally, if I am so busy looking at the growth and beauty around it, by the time I look back, that death is going to look a lot like new life. It will look like a spot that experienced growth. (Author’s Photo)

My newsfeed has been overflowing lately with everything that is going wrong in everybody’s lives.


I know struggles are real. But so is hope.

And what we set our focus on, we will achieve.

Are you focusing on all of your hardships, or are you choosing to see everything that is going RIGHT in your life? Got any tarps you need to move? I know I do! (Photo Via Pixabay)

Resisting Temptation


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All I was doing was looking for a recipe. Just a simple chicken something for dinner, but when I logged into my computer I was faced with a dilemma- lose 10lbs in 6 days sitting right next to a link to a pretty delightful looking cinnamon bun cake dripping in icing.


Forget the chicken, it’s summer and losing 10 pounds sounds amazing… right after I try that cake.

Why is it that we fight so hard to do what’s right and so often feel slapped in the face with every temptation and desire?  I don’t know about you but I’m sick of it. (Photo via Pixabay)

So how do we resist temptation?


The bible says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (see Philippians 4) I could use a bit more of that strength. And although I do know I need to rely on Christ for the strength He promises me, I’m also realizing that I have a part to play. I can’t just sit back in my recliner and let God do the work. There are things that are required of me in all this. If I want permanent change in my life then I have to do some permanent work. A body builder doesn’t become strong by sitting back and trusting God to build those muscles- instead he or she goes to the gym and puts the time in. A farmer doesn’t sit at his breakfast table and believe in faith for a great crop if he has never sown a seed. (Photo via Pixabay)

We also have to put the work in if we want to see results in our own lives. God will do His part- will we do ours?


1 Corinthians 10:13  says this about temptation- 13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. (Photo via Pixabay)

We can handle temptation. It’s awesome to know that God has already made sure of it. Besides not letting us be tempted beyond what we can handle- He is also going to show us a way out so that we can make it through. And although I’m using food as my example today- we all know that it goes much deeper than that. Temptations have ruined families, destroyed careers, and caused good people to do things they never intended.


Resisting temptation is far from easy, but it is doable. The question for us today is will we do what it takes? Will we build our muscles to a point where temptation has no hope?  Will we sow the seeds of God’s word so deep in the soil of our lives that when we are faced with temptation it will have nowhere to grow because God’s word will already be taking up the space? (Photo via Pixabay)

God has already done His part. He’s given us every tool. Will we do ours?  The work is hard, but the results are worth it.

As for me- I went back to the chicken. Not happily back, but back. I didn’t want chicken anymore, I wanted to lose 10 pounds while eating the cinnamon bun cake extra icing please. Temptation offers us the world, but never delivers on it’s promises. God offers us the tools, but asks us to be a part of the process. Today- I chose the chicken instead of the cake. Hey, small victories are still victories, and even though the muscles may be small today, tomorrow the results will be unbeatable.


Thriving Through the Storms

Recently, I was driving home and on the way I looked out at the brown trees, the brown grass, the brown…there was not a sign of new spring life anywhere and it frustrated me. Did I mention that this winter has been long, very very long? My calendar said that spring was finally here but the weather had not gotten the memo and although I knew that eventually we would see some green popping up all over the place- at that moment, I was not seeing it. I want so badly to be like Paul who says in Philippians 4 that he has learned to be content in whatever situation he is in, whether in need or in plenty. Unlike Paul, I was not content. I was more like the grumpy cartoon character “Maxine” in both word and attitude.


God spoke to me that day.

As I got out of my car, He told me to take a picture of our woods. Ok God, I’ll do it but I don’t see the point. Then He told me to get closer and take another picture.  I was starting to feel a bit silly, and I was starting to wonder if I was really hearing Him correctly. Why was I standing outside taking pictures of dreary woods?  I’m losing it. I just know it. Nevertheless, I stepped forward, and continued to take pictures. I did this a number of times and that’s when I saw it. Tiny buds, almost unnoticeable until I was right next to them. Tiny leaves that you couldn’t see just driving by.


In the midst of my own list of frustrations, I had missed the hope that God had for me. I was so irritated at the length of the cold season and all the little things that had warn me out that I never saw the new life that was all around me.

Too often, I look at the big picture and inflate my own problems all the while neglecting the threads of God within them.

This is what I saw today. Isn’t it awesome?  This delicate Daffodil came up in spite of the storm that raged around it. The extra snow, the long cold days that seemed to never end, nothing stopped it’s growth. Nothing around it shows any sign of life, yet still it thrives. We can do that too. We can thrive even when everything around us appears broken and lifeless.

Today, I’m looking for the glimmers of hope that God has sewn into the tapestry of my life. The tiny leaves, the smallest flowers, and the moments I often miss.

The bible says to “cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us”.  When we do, the new growth we will see in our own lives will rival the storms all around us. I’m excited to see that growth aren’t you?

The Joy Will Come


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One of the saddest comments I hear every single day are the words “no one understands”.  Those feelings of utter despair, hopelessness, and loneliness are often heightened during the holiday season. We continue with our traditions while the stress of the holidays lay like a weight on our shoulders. We work hard to please the young ones. We hunt eggs, eat chocolate, have family meals and unpack baskets of goodies, all the while hiding a mountain of despair under a pasted smile.

We try to remind ourselves of the joy this season should bring us, but instead we are often left with guilt because that joy seems so unreachable.

I wonder if maybe we are looking in the wrong places for that joy.  Now, I don’t mean that eggs and baskets and family gatherings should be pushed to the wayside. Not at all.


I do think however that often we passively look to the cross, we glance at the resurrection and we truly do appreciate all that Jesus did for us, but He was Jesus, and that was then. We are told that what He did was enough, that we can leave our sin, our guilt, our shame and we can now have joy, peace, and hope. So if this is the case then where did it all go?  Why does it seem so hard to attain? (Photo Via Pixabay) 

Maybe we just don’t dig deep enough.

Yes the cross is enough, Yes Jesus’s resurrection is enough, but No it wasn’t all. It wasn’t. There was more that we miss, more we need to look at in order to receive all that He intended for us to have.

Let me show you the more today.

In Luke 22:44 KJV we see Jesus in the garden praying about the upcoming cross he was soon to bear and “being in agony, he prayed more earnestly, Then his sweat became like great drops of blood falling to the ground.” Our Jesus was in agony as he cried out to God. The bible says that he openly asked God to take this burden from him. (See Matthew 26:39) Can you believe that even our precious Jesus had times in his life when what he was facing was just too much?

Torment. desperate-2100307_640

So Jesus, being just like us, does exactly what we do when we are desperate. He asks his friends for help. He asks them to simply stay awake and support him in prayer. Just like us, they can’t see his troubles, they can’t feel his pain, and exhausted from their own day, they sleep. (Matthew 26:40)


Later we are shown a horrifying picture of Jesus beaten and nailed to an old rugged cross. Dying he suffered unspeakable pain just for you and just for me. Yet there is one more detail that needs to be mentioned here. In the last moments of Jesus’s life on this Earth, we see him cry out to God one more time and what He says breaks my whole heart. Jesus has done everything asked of him. He has given all he could give and in his last moments we hear him cry “… My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” (Photo Via Pixabay)


You see, Jesus dying on that cross is awesome and amazing and cruel and terrible and he did it all for us. Did you also know that he was so totally a man who in his weakness and humanness he didn’t think he could handle it? Did you ever really think about the little details of this story?  That Jesus was so alone, so scared, so desperate and no one came to his aid. No one supported him, no one helped him. His best friends slept. His prayers didn’t seem to be heard and His God, Our God, seemed to turn his back on him.


I love this, not because of what Jesus suffered, but because when I look at these little moments; when I look at what Jesus went through I KNOW He understands. He understands my pain. He understands when I don’t think I can handle what life has thrown at me. He gets that I’m only human. He’s been there, He’s done that, and He knows. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Hebrews 12:2 says “… for the joy set before him he endured the cross…” Jesus endured the physical pain, He endured the mental despair, He endured the loneliness; Jesus endured it all. And he did it because of the Joy that would come.


Today, when you think about the Easter story, when you think about what Jesus did for you, look just a bit deeper and receive just a bit more. Yes He died, Yes He lives, Yes He understands, and Yes He will get you through everything. And Yes, just like Him, your joy will come. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Are We Fighting the Wrong Battles?

A few years ago, on a cold and nasty winter day, my mom and I left a popular shopping center and were heading to my car. On the way there, I noticed that the wheel wells of my car were caked with ice, dirt, and slush. I can’t stand that. I’m talking pet peeve in overdrive. At this point something just came over me and I proceeded to kick that nasty snow and ice from the wheel wells on my side of the car. Please don’t misunderstand me here- this was not a tiny little kick. I was ninja kicking that nasty stuff full force, just like a pro. With the back of the car finished, I headed to the front driver side and proceeded to take care of that tire too.


The weirdest part of all this was my mother. She is not the kind of women who stands outside the car when it is freezing waiting for me, but there she was standing silently, watching me with the strangest look on her face. (photo via Pixabay)

I realize now that the look was speechlessness, a look I had not seen on her before. (no offense mom) Looking back, I also realize that this look should have stopped me from myself, but my mission was too important and I finished that tire. Satisfied with a job well done, I reached for the door figuring I’d take care of the other side at the next stop. It was then that I realized, as you have probably already guessed, this was not my car. Worse yet, the woman in the driver seat was not impressed by my beating up HER car.

Shock. Embarrassment. Speechlessness, now I get it.

I did the only thing I could think to do- apologizing profusely I backed away slowly.sorry-1138680_640

I am so thankful for people who have a sense of humor. I Love them. And I love that this lady (who I was sure was going to have me arrested) laughed. Like really laughed.

I did not laugh until later. Not until I sat in my car, (one row over by the way), wheel wells full of snow and ice (yes, I left them like that) and drove away. Then I laughed an embarrassed, crazy, belly laugh. And just so you know, I have given up my days of kicking the ice from my tires. I’ve been cured. I now fully trust that spring will come and temperatures will rise and this issue will take care of itself. I’m not taking any chances. (photo via Pixabay)


On a side note, my husband loves this story. Although it’s been a number of years since this happened, he still points out peoples tires full of snow and ice and encourages me to “go get um tiger”.  I am tempted at times. (should I admit that?  Hey, a pet peeve is a pet peeve). But alas, I resist every single time. (photo via Pixabay)

My favorite part of this story though, is how God has used it to steer my life. Who knew He could take a crazy, ice kicking adventure and use it for my good. It’s His still small voice as I’m praying over situation after situation that I hear- “Nicki, you’re kicking the wrong car again”.  Not only does this make me giggle, but it also lets me know that some battles are just not mine to fight. Sometimes I need to look up and see that this one- isn’t mine. It’s in those moments that I need to breathe, take a step back, and walk away slowly in a new direction.


Maybe some of you are kicking the wrong car too.  I pray today that God will use this in your life, and as He reminds you of this- you will giggle, step back slowly and regroup. We will fight the battles that we are meant to fight, and leave the others in His very capable hands. (photo via Pixabay)

Seeing Beauty in Ourselves

I battle with seeing the beauty in myself. Often the flaws are just too easy to pick out. Stretch marks from babies, grey hair from teenagers, and extra weight from stress eating… the list goes on and on.

So how do we battle this?  How do we look in the mirror, or better yet into our souls and see the beauty that is there?

The_Broken_Mirror_RETOO bing free to share and use

When our eyes become blurry, we make an appointment with an optometrist and get a nice pair of glasses to clear everything up. Yet when the vision we have of ourselves becomes blurry- we focus on the blurry. We stare at it, consume it, and believe the truth in it. I think it’s time to make an appointment to clear some things up. (Photo Via Bing Public Domain Images)

I think it’s time we looked through a different lens don’t you?

When the eye doctor is trying to find the right prescription for us- they try many different combinations until they find the perfect one. So why do we concentrate on the same lens every single day?


God gave us the power to choose.  We choose how we think, what we say, what we do with the time we have on this earth. So why not choose to be a bit gentler with ourselves, to love ourselves a bit more and see the beauty that is within each of us. (Photo Via Pixabay)

The reality is this- I do have stretch marks, but maybe I should start looking at them for the blessings they gave me. The mirror reflects the truth that grey hair is a reality in my life, but don’t these things tell a tale of laughter and tears, good days and bad?  I’m so lucky to have them. All of them.

So lucky.

Now that’s a different lens isn’t it?

Listen, I don’t want to be harsh here- but if your truth does not line up with God’s word than it isn’t truth at all. pretty-woman-1509956_640.jpg


I want to leave you with a few thoughts today from God’s word. These are not my opinions about you or me, they are God’s, and they are powerful and true. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Ephesians 2:10– for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared for us to do.

Genesis 1:27– so God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

When you look in the mirror today-, try looking through the lens of God’s word and remember:

* You are God’s handiwork created in God’s own image (doesn’t get much better than that)

* You were created to do good things.

* You were fearfully and wonderfully made.


The mirror can only reflect the surface, it can never reflect your heart and most importantly, the deep beauty that God has placed within you.