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Last night I got to spend some time with the cutest little sweeties I know.  We went bear hunting in the kitchen, climbed mountains and crossed rivers. We imagined that the living room rug was a pond and we jumped in and swam.  

We used cookie cutters and playdough to create some pretty cool sculptures, none of which I got a picture of because sometimes you just have to put your phone down and enjoy the moment.  

There was one moment I enjoyed the most though. One simple tiny moment in time that wrapped my heart up and melted me right there on the spot.  

My mighty hunter

My oldest grandson (3) came up and stood in front of me as I was sitting on the couch. He continued building with his playdough as he snuggled back into me and I rested my head on his shoulder. I said “Ryan, I think I’ll just rest here a minute”. He didn’t miss a beat and replied- “It otay, I wuv you”.  

Yes, he can have anything he wants for Christmas this year.  

That simple moment in time, seconds really, made all the difference in my whole day.  

Simple, needed, loved.  

Photo Via Pixabay

There are so many worries in this world, so many challenges and uncertainties and the day had been long. But this moment refreshed me. This moment made my heart melt. Such a simple phrase from an innocent child who means what he says.  

As I melted inside, I felt the Lord’s gentile nudge. I felt the Lord say that this is what He wants for us too. He wants us to come to him. To lay our heads on His shoulder and give Him our burdens. He wants to comfort, protect, and heal. He wants us to get refreshed from all the worries of this world and to know that in Him we can have peace.  

Photo Via Pixabay

He wants us to have simple moments in His presence where He can say “I love you”.  

I pray that you will receive His love today and have a much-needed rest from your burdens. Remember His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  

I pray today that you wrap your arms around Jesus and let Him whisper in your ear. “My child, I LOVE YOU”.