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The bible says all things are possible if you believe.coffee

I know it’s true. But I’m not sure God was talking about me when He inspired that word. I think He was talking about that girl down the street, the one with the clean house, the perfect kids, and the successful career. You know her; you know people like her. They can’t fail; everything they touch turns to gold. They perform brain surgery in the morning and bake a picture perfect birthday cake in the afternoon.

I am not that girl.

I’m the other one, on the other side of the street. The one with dust balls under the couch and a loaf of bread that is growing little hair like things all over it. The plants are dead, but the bread is growing. Which is why I am so glad God doesn’t choose me because of my abilities. He doesn’t choose me because “I can.” He chooses me because He can.

He doesn’t look at my outward appearance and say, “Hey, that’s my girl, she has it all together.” Nope, he probably looks at me and thinks to himself, “Wait till she sees what I am about to do. That girl who just spilled coffee all over herself and locked her keys in her car at the gas station, causing her husband to have to leave work to rescue her yet again… Oh yes, that’s the one. She’s my girl. And I am about to show the world what I can do through her little coffee-spilled, key-locked, bread-growing self.”

I’m the girl whose prayers always seem to start with, “Sorry, Lord, I’ve done it again…” and “it” can be anything from “put my foot in my mouth,” “yelled at my kids,” “lost my patience with my coworkers,” gossiped, ate the WHOLE cheesecake…etc. (Okay, enough dirty laundry for today) But seriously, that’s me, one mistake after another, and yet God wants to do something with my life anyway. He still has a good plan for me.

Now, I didn’t say it was an easy plan. I’d be lying if I said that. Life is hard, we make mistakes, we struggle and we spill our coffee–but we get back up, brush ourselves off and do some laundry, washing those stains right out. And I know that’s what God has done for me. He’s the one picking me up, brushing me off, and cleaning me up just when I need it, every single time. Then He puts me back on that perfect path He created for me, and I start moving again. I love that.

I want you to know that God has a perfect, unique path for your life, too. You are important to God, no matter the mess you’ve made, no matter the challenges you face. He has a plan for you. Jeremiah 29 11

It’s time we quit trying to fix everything ourselves and let God do it for us. He can, He will, and He wants to.

Besides, it’s less stressful that way.

Today, I want to challenge you with this: Let God do your heavy lifting. Let Him put you on the path He has for you, and let Him take you to new places. Places you never dreamed you could go.

From one simple coffee-stained woman to another, we can do this.