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What would happen if you only ate a meal once a week?

Even if the meal was perfect, perfect nutrition, perfect number of calories, healthy all the way, we know that our bodies would not react well to this. We would grow weak, tired, and eventually sick. Our bodies are created to eat every single day and when this doesn’t happen, there is a consequence.fruits and veggies

Have you ever thought of your relationship with Jesus in this way?  We go to church once or twice a week and we think that that is enough.

Can I be honest with you? Most of us are spiritually starving.

No matter how amazing our pastors are they can’t possibly “feed us” enough of God on a Sunday morning to sustain us; certainly not enough for us to grow and change and become all that God has intended for us to become.

Think about it like this:

We love our spouses but if the only form of communication we had was to listen to someone else talk about them once or twice a week, our relationships would quickly dwindle.

Now don’t get me wrong, friends and pastors are great. We need to surround ourselves with people who will lead us in the right direction.

The problem is many of us are relying on these people to BE our relationship with Jesus. We don’t dig in ourselves; we don’t spend personal time with God.

If I treated my husband this way, we’d slowly drift apart. Our relationship would no longer be built on the quality time we spend together. It would be built on someone else’s word over our lives and that would never be enough. relationship struggles

How is your husband?  Well, so and so said he was doing well. How is your relationship with him?  Well the pastor said he loves me, wants a future with me, so that’s good right?

This sounds so ridiculous to us, we’d never treat our spouse like this, yet we treat our God like this every day.

Do you really want change in your life?  Do you really want peace and hope and love and all the wonderful things that Christ offers us?

If this is your desire then there is a simple formula. Treat Christ like you would someone you cherish. Spend time with Him, talk with Him, read His word, find out about Him.bible time

We can’t expect our relationships to improve through someone else’s work.  We have to be the ones to do the heavy lifting. Today let’s change the way we treat our relationship with God. Let’s grow in it and let it change us. Let’s quit relaying on someone else and get into the deep things that Christ has for us with our own hands and more importantly with our whole hearts.

Sadly, there is an intimacy with Christ that few get to experience, but that doesn’t have to be us today.

All relationships take time, work, and commitment; it’s just the way it is. Today, let’s put the time in, let’s do the work, let’s make the commitment and watch as our intimacy with Christ soars. No more spiritual starvation, today we enter into the fullness of God.