I’m not really a very high maintenance girl. In fact sweatpants and a t-shirt are some of my favorite cloths; pair those with a hair tie and honey I’m down right happy.  There are however certain times that this look is not what I’m going for…

As I was getting ready for work one morning, I proceeded through my routine. I took my shower, got dressed, did my hair and headed off for the breakfast table where I would begin the process of getting my children into the car without losing every bit of my cool.

Everything was going off without a hitch. We loaded our kids into the cars, looked at the clock and realized we were early. A bit of pride took over and I did a little happy dance in my head, patting myself on the back for finally having it altogether.

It was at this point that I had reached the end of our road and decided to flip down the visor and check my makeup one last time.  What I saw was a very clean makeup free face and yes, I admit it, I panicked. Now there are many times that I don’t wear makeup, but heading off to work is not one of those times.


Judge me if you want, but I whipped that car around and headed for home.

As I passed my husband’s car, I rolled down the window and very sweetly said to him “Will you look at this face? How In the world did I get out of that house today with no make- up on without any of you telling me?”

My husband is not a stupid man. He knows a trap when he sees one, and to him this was a dangerous one. “Oh honey you don’t need make up, we can’t even tell you don’t have it on. You look beautiful.”

How many of you know that there is always a little voice of truth in every situation?

Mine chose this moment to speak up. My youngest son who was sitting in the seat beside me leaned forward and proclaimed to his father that “Dad you might not be able to tell from over there but wow, you should see her up close”.

Yes, he is still grounded and yes so is his father who found that quite funny.

As for me, I did manage to run home that day, put a little make-up on my face, and still get to work on time. But I realized something in all this, besides the fact that I should keep a bit of makeup stashed away for emergencies, I, like the world, have a few blemishes that I’m desperately trying to cover up. The closer I am to the world, the more I see them. They shout out at me from every corner.makeup2

Too often I look in the mirror and base my worth on what the world says I should be; thinner, prettier, younger, more successful… blemishes.

Yet the closer I am to God the more I am swept away by His grace.  When I look to Him I see perfection; perfect peace, perfect joy, and perfect hope. Perfect. The more I look to Him, the more the storms begin to calm and the blemishes begin to disappear.


Today, I’m choosing to look in a different mirror. I’m choosing to look at myself through Jesus. He has cleaned me up, removed those blemishes and set me on a better path.  2nd Corinthians chapter 5 says that because of Him, I’m a new creation.  I no longer have to worry about what the world says about me or even what I say about myself.

To the world, I will always fall short, but with Jesus I can break the hold that the mirror had on me.  With God I can rest assured that He is the one that created me and has now given me the ability to look in that same mirror and know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Do I still keep an emergency stash of make-up?  Yes, I admit it, I do.  BUT, there’s a difference now. You see, when I look in the mirror today, I see the improvements that God is making in me. I don’t need to cover the blemishes of the world, I just need to reach out for Him and let the things of the world pass away before me.

wordle 2

So how about it, are you ready for some freedom today?  Have you had enough of the pressures and the judgments of the world? If so- put that eyeliner down and reach for God. Tell Him how much you need Him and then let Him work in your life. Let’s have a few make-up free days together.