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I need a word from God. I just do.

It’s not that I don’t trust Him in this storm, I really do, but today I feel weak, I feel needy, I feel lost. I want to know that He hears me and that He cares. I need to know that He still has a purpose for my life and that I matter because at this moment, in the rawness of this hurt, I don’t know if I matter. glass-97504_1280.jpg

On this day, as these thoughts were swirling around in my mind, I began to pray. I put my head on my desk, tears pouring from my eyes, I began to cry out to a God I wasn’t sure could hear me. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Maybe I had whined too much, maybe He was tired of my neediness. Maybe.

But still I cried out.

I asked God if I still mattered, and if He still had a reason for my life. Then I stopped asking, and I just cried.

I’ve been told over the years that people can’t believe that I have bad days. That I’m always smiling, that they wish they could have the joy that I have.

I’m so thankful for that joy. I really am, but there are still storms. There are still tears, and hurts, and hard times. There are still rainy days and clouds that don’t seem to go away.

On this day though, something so cool happened. You see as I was sitting at my desk, desperately seeking God for help. My husband sent me an email.

Yes, a simple email changed my day.

You see, my husband didn’t know about my tears that day. He didn’t know that at that very moment I was literally crying to God. prayer-888757_1280

Ryan started the email with- “I was praying for you today, and felt a nudge to send you this message…”  He went on to say that he felt that he was to tell me that God really loved me and had great plans for me.  My husband answered every question that he didn’t even know I was asking. (Photo Via Pixabay)

Now please understand something here. My husband was in another building, working, going about his daily tasks and had no idea what I was doing.

But God knew.

God knew, and He interrupted my husband’s day, to bring encouragement and hope into mine.

Many people walk this world without a certainty of God. They wonder if He is real, they question His existence.

But not me.

I have had too many moments where God has met me right where I am.

My prayer for you is that you will cry out to God and let Him show Himself to you too. My prayer is for you to have hope, love, and a knowledge of God that pulls you out of your hard times and reaches down to the depths of your soul and sets you free.

That email set me free that day.

Why?  Because I knew that it wasn’t from my husband. I knew that my God had taken the time to reach into my world and sent me an email. He loved me so much that He took the time to send a little hopeless girl some hope.

He wants to do the same for you. He wants to reach you right where you’re at.

No matter what is happening in your life, give God a chance to show up. Let Him wipe your tears and give you hope.woman-591576_1280

There is hope. With God there is always hope. (Photo Via Pixabay)

And today my friend, I pray that you will find it, just as I did.