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This week I received the sweetest message. My little grandson was “practicing” singing a song that he and his mom often sing together. I’ve listened to it over and over again and every single time I do I can’t help but giggle, it’s just so darn cute!!!!

It’s not the song, although I absolutely love the song, it’s more the innocent seriousness of his voice. Move over Micheal Buble there is a new guy in town.

This kid was emulating his mom, he was looking at the music as if he knew exactly how to read it, then he played those piano keys like the expert he knew he was.

Oh to have the confidence of a child.

Oh my heart…

Not one right note was played but you wouldn’t know that by watching him.

And when he sings- that little speech impediment of his bellows out the words without shame or fear of what others think.

I wase a ha-wae-u-ya sing a yittle yowder…”

Yes buddy I will. I will sing a little louder today. I will raise that Hallelujah and let God know exactly what He means to me. Not because of what He has done, (and He has done so much) but because of the reminder from an innocent child.

I think that short 30 second video was the best definition of Jesus telling his disciples to let the little children come to him.

Because when they come…

As I watched the video I was reminded that God doesn’t care if we sing on key. He doesn’t care if we fall short by human standards, He just wants us to come with our whole hearts.

Sing a little louder

We may not all fit the social standards of this world, but we do all fit with God.

I sing loud and proud and totally off key. Let’s live the same way; loud, proud, and sold out to a God that loves us completely as we are.

Today let’s be kinder to ourselves and each other and let’s “wase a ha-wae-u-ya a yittle yowder”. We will all feel so much better if we do.